Thy Kingdom Come!

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Welcome Address

Welcome to Baptist Student Fellowship, Federal university of technology, Minna. The fellowship cooperate with the student ministries division of Nigeria Baptist Convention. The fellowship is a campus based Baptist student fellowship and inter-denominational with 4 core objectives of Mission, Academic Excellence, Discipleship and Churchmanship.

The great Family of God has the mandate of raising leaders across all spectrum of life. Our Alumni members span across ministry, business, technology, academics, government, and knowledge workers (architects, computer scientist, engineers and etc). Our Undergraduate members are reflection of God’s glory as they make an irresistible influence on Campus. We are happy people with a conviction of being born with holy purpose and showing love for one another as it contain in our motto: “….by this shall all men know that you are my disciples if you have love
for one another”. The most dramatic changes in one’s life will come from God’s initiative. We therefore invite you tofellowship with us (in any of the campus- Bosso/Gidan Kwano). Sunday worship experience is always an experience with the Master. On Tuesday(Bible Study), brethren gather together to learn at the master feet for the fresh supply of bread (God’s word) where biblical truths and principles are explored for moulding people into what God has ordained to be as it is in the beginning. Friday (Prayer meeting) is a moment of breaking through with God in prayer. God has initiated a call to you on his purpose and when you are going where God is going, you will get a free ride. We trust God to guide your steps and show you where to give your life away not only in serving the master but also in affect your generation for global& positive impacts.

Baptist Student Fellowship Hymn
Students rise now, build the kingdomHeed the master’s call today.Students rise up, follow Jesus,He’s the life, the truth, the way.In the city, in... Read More...

BSF FUT Minna History

BSF FUT Minna of today started as a prayer cell in 1992 with about 9 members gathering to pray on Friday nights between 10-11pm. 1995, the prayer cell metamorphose into a fellowship of 10-50 members and meet Tuesdays and Fridays between 7-8pm for Bible study and prayer meetings respectively.

This same year, we had the first executives with the then Bro j. Majolagbe but now Rev. Jacob Majolagbe as the president and the fellowship was inaugurated by the student Ministry Division of the Nigeria Baptist Convention on March 17, 1996 at Zion Baptist Church Minna.

Objective, Purpose & Vision

Salvation: Making a personal, private/public confession begins a Christian life. Regular attendance at Christian Fellowships, church programmes /activities etc. become meaningful and rewarding after the experience of second birth.

To plan and develop materials and services acceptable for use by campus BSF organizations, church BSF organizations, Associations, Conferences, and Convention in order to establish, strengthen and improve the ministry to students in schools of higher learning and in church

Student Ministries Division

The Nigerian Baptist Convention’s Christian witness and ministry in institutions of higher learning are in response to the Lord’s command to make the gospel known to all persons.

Because schools are engaged in the quest for knowledge and truth of which God is the Source, the Christian perspective is essential to realize the ultimate in education.

The unique nature of the student life and campus community demands a specialized ministry of the church to the individual need of students for redemption and Christian nurture within that community.